Ramayan - zee Serial - Full Episodes

Lord Ram learns about an instance from Sage Valmiki about a curse that Devi Divya wife of Sage Bhagu, gave to the Gods while providing shelter to the demons, these demons indulged in a war with the Gods. The curse states that, Lord Vishnu's human birth would generate doubt, annoyance and problems against his wife, however ruining his marital life. Divya's son who is also, Ravan's Gurudev gets furious over Lord Vishnu and warns him about his revenge. Ravan learns about the entire incidence and so does Lord Ram. Lord Ram, Lakshman and Sita decide to reside at Kaamatgiri as suggested by Sage Valmiki. Lord Indra's son Jayan plots a strategy to check Lord Ram's abilities. Jayan disguise as a crow and bites Sita. Lord Ram gets furious and uses a Brahmaastra to kill him. However, Jayan realises his mistake and seeks an apology from Lord Ram. Lord Ram punishes him by destroying his eye. Ravan learns about Lord Vishnu's appearance on earth as the cause of his death.

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