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Parvati Parameshwara Woman has always been portrayed as an embodiment of suffering and pain in most of the Television serials. Few have shown her as a woman of substance who stands against the atrocities inflicted upon the female sex. This persona of a woman has been so predominant that one wonders if there is any laughter, happiness and fun in a woman’s life.
Parvati Parameshwara – A comedy serial comes as a refreshing change. The serial is based on the hilarious escapades of Parvathi, the female protagonist of the serial. Her antics invariably lands her husband Parameshwara, into all sorts of trouble. All the efforts of Parameshwara to control his wife fails thus pushing him into further trouble. Parvathi represents a woman who is fun loving, comic and jolly- go- lucky, thus breaking the unwritten rule that Woman is a crying legend. Parvathi is a modern woman whom you laugh with and not laugh at. Parameshwara is a typical harassed husband who is always tense, worried and hassled, thanks to his wife’s stupid idiosyncrasies. The sense of humour in a woman is recognised, appreciated and highlighted in Parvati Parameshwara.
Parvati Parameshwara is designed as a daily sitting room comedy with a fresh story every day, which is bound to entertain all age groups, both men and women, alike. The serial is a decent, refined comedy, which encompasses slapstick, situational, and dialogue oriented comedy in the right proportions. The serial is designed without any traces of obscenity and vulgarity, hence it is fit to be viewed and enjoyed by the entire family.
Parvati Parameshwara, the stories shall begin, unfold and conclude in the same episode. Hence, there will not be any loss of story continuity is the viewer misses one or two episodes. The serial can set the mood for all the other serials telecast on the channel as it refreshes the viewer making him forget his tough day and all the day’s fatigue.
Parvati Parameshwara is a comedy of the present times. The serial has a bright upper class, swanky look. Dresses and costumes will range from postmodern to traditional Indian attires. Funny slapstick situations, comic punches and abundant physical comedy make Parvati Parameshwara a delight to watch.

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