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Panduranga Vittala is a rich human comedy. Brought to life by a peerless ensemble of real life characters one can identify themselves with the onscreen family. Their foibles are sure to produce lots and lots of big laughs. Each episode is presented in a complete and uncut, funny and yet sometimes touching portrayal of a typical middle class family. Watching Panduranga Vittala makes you feel like you are eavesdropping on the life of a real family.
The Characters ...
Rangamma Gandugali:
Wife of Late Lakshmi Narasimha Gandugali is the head of the Gandugali Family. She is aged about 50 yrs. She is diabetic yet fond of eating sweets. She keeps blaming her Daughter in law Jaaji for everything that happens around her. She firmly believes that Jaaji’s entry to the house brought all the problems to her family. Since the marriage between her son Panduranga and Jaaji happened because of her husband, she keeps cursing her dead husband. She keeps pouring her woes in front of her husband’s Photo. She keeps scolding his photo. Inevitably the photo always smiles at her after all the cursing happens. She cannot pronounce “RA” so always says “LA” in place of “RA”. She always looks at everything around her negatively. She is an expert in finding fault with everything. She loves her son lot and so she always feels sorry for him as he had to marry Jaaji who is elder to him. She doesn’t like her son in law Vittala too. She keeps brooding that her loving daughter got married to an idiot in hurry and that she could have found a better husband. She likes her maid servant Champakali a lot and she keeps saying that she would have been a better daughter in law than Jaaji.
Panduranga Gandugali:
He is the son of Rangamma and is aged about 32 years. He feels that all the women in the world look beautiful except his wife. No doubt he keeps appreciating every woman he comes across. He always addresses his wife who is elder to him in plural and with lot of respect. He is angry with his father since it was his father who was the reason for him to marry a lady who was elder to him. He hates his brother-in-law Vittala. He never misses a chance to humiliate him. He loves his sister Pallavi very much and therefore he has consented for her marriage with Vittala. He is a stingy miser who keeps a calculator handy and calculates money for everything. He is a BP patient and keeps shouting for everybody. He is over smart and lands into many problems because of her over smartness. He always thinks his talent is not getting recognition.
Wife of Panduranga, Jaaji is aged about 37. By some strange situation she has married Panduranga, who is younger than her. No doubt, Purandhara finds all the women in the world attractive. She keeps complaining of some ailment to get the attention of her husband. She does everything to cover up her age. Being elder to her husband she involuntarily bosses over him. She is the President of many social service organizations. She craves for publicity and recognition. She always feels that nobody in the house respects her because of her age. She gets upsets at every small incident that is related to her age. The whole family finds it a humongous task to console her. She always forces Panduranga to dye his hair white to make him look older to her. This naturally upsets Panduranga and a fight ensues.
Vitla as he is called is the main protagonist of the serial. He is a very unlucky fellow. He always lands up in some problem or the other. He is very kind at heart and too innocent to be true. No doubt his wife Pallavi loves him so much. He is clumsy, dimwitted, accident prone, hapless, bumbling idiot and an eternal looser. He loves his wife a lot and has high regards towards Rangamma. He always tries to keep his wife happy but as usual he fails to do so. He claims that he can do any job but always fails. Obviously he embarrasses everyone in the house. His brother in law, Panduranga, hates his very sight. His only goal in life is to make a positive impression on his brother in law. It is really unfortunate that he never understands the mistake he does, to be more precise he never seems to realize that he has done some mistake. His only goal in life is to get a job or start some business and live separately from the Gandugali family.
She is the loving wife of Vitla. She is often addressed as Pallu. She dotes her husband because she feels he has the innocence of a child and no doubts she treats him like one. Her only wish in life is that her family should treat her husband with respect. She gets angry whenever somebody ill-treats or makes fun of her husband. She keeps challenging everybody that her husband can do any work given to him. She piously goads and motivates her husband to do the work. When he fails she conveniently puts the blame on something or the other and defends him. She is always ready with an idea for every problem. Needless to say none of her ideas work.
MSC (or rather Maid Servant Champakali) as she is always called, is the maid servant of the Gandugali family. She is a stylish girl and speaks incorrect English. She likes Panduranga a lot and never misses a chance to flirt with him. She always schemes a plot to impress Panduranga. She is the secretary of the maid servants’ union. She keeps quoting codes from the by-laws of the union. She always at loggerheads with Jaaji.
He is Late Lakshmi Narasimha Gandugali’s sister’s son. Since Lakshmi Narasimha had promised his sister that he would take care of him, he is now leaving with the family. He is always eating something or the other. Though he is a dull headed person he thinks he is more intelligent than Vittala. He always tries to prove it and lands in severe problems. Nevertheless he is very close to Vittala. He thinks it is his prime duty, to advice and also take care of him. Vittala firmly believes whatever he says. The two invariably create a lot of chaos (like the Famous Laurel and Hardy). Everybody in the family keep scolding him but he is unperturbed by any such rebukes
He is the neighbor of Panduranga. He is rich. He is a bachelor. He believes in Astrology blindly. Actually he was to marry to marry Jaaji. On the wedding day his astrologer had said that if he were to marry Jaaji on that day he would face severe bad luck. He would have therefore run away from the marriage hall hoping to marry her some other day. Jaaji’s father became very depressed as it was a matter of his family’s prestige. Lakshmi Narasimha Gandugali who was his close friend had come to his rescue and had got his son Panduranga to marry Jaaji that very instant. Because of this Panduranga hates Naaradha.

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