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Yogananda is a well-known businessman in Srilanka. He owns a jewelry shop in Srilanka and leads a luxurious life. Devaiya, his business partner, betrays and loots all his properties. Since Yogananda couldn't withstand to this crisis, he leaves his family without leaving any note about his whereabouts. Selvi, the eldest daughter takes up the responsibility. Cantankerous Devaiya still continues to torture Yogananda's family. Because of Devaiya's false accusation Niranjan is forced to leave his family and lives undercover. Meanwhile Lakshmi leaves from Srilanka to Vizag. There destiny plays its part, her close-knit friend Shyamala goes to coma stage and Selvi marries Shyamala's husband G.Jayadev. Her marriage happens to be the occasion for Yogananda to reunite with his family. GJ was supposed to get married to Maya which doesn't happen, so Maya's brother starts to give problems to Selvi and her family. Moreover Shyamala recovers from coma and how Selvi is going to face her? Will Syamala accept their marriage? How is Selvi going to tackle Maya's brother?

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