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Thendral is a Tamil drama serial directed by S. Kumaran. It premiered on December 7, 2009 and is being aired on weekdays on Sun TV[1][2] Thendral stars Shruthi Raj, Deepak Dinkar and Sri Vidya in the lead roles and revolves around a girl's struggle in a middle-class family, focusing on the importance of women's' education. It is one of Sun TV's hit serials after Thirumathi Selvam.
The story of this serial revolves around the main character Thulasi (Shruthi Raj) and her best friends, Deepa and Kalyani. Thulasi's mom ran away when she was a child and ever since Thulasi's family has shunned her, especially her father and stepmother. The only family member that truly cares for Thulasi is her grandmother (S N Laxmi). Thulasi's only dream is to continue her studies in order to help her family and she gets top marks in her examinations. But she's faced with trouble in the form of Velayudham (Nizhalgal Ravi), a break-inspector and a thug who falls for Thulasi, not to mention he is old enough to be her father (45 years old). He offers 5 Lakhs to Thulasi's father in return for the marriage, frequently blackmailing him with it. Despite the age difference and Thulasi's wish for education,her greedy father agrees to marry her to Velayudham, planning on using it to pay for his son's further studies who is not as interested in studies as Thulasi. Of course Thulasi does not want to marry but due to pressure from her father she is forced to.Meanwhile Tamizharasu (Deepak) aka Tamizh who works for a bank as a loan officer comes into Thulasi's life. They first meet the day she was being taken to Velaayudham's house to take photographs of her for marriage posters when Tamizharasu's bike clashes with the vehicle in which Thulasi was travelling. The driver tries to take Tamizh's bike key and strand him there as Tamizh demands for an amount to make up for his bike's damage but Thulasi picks up the key and throws it to him without anyone noticing and there starts Tamizh-Thulasi story. Then the other time, photos of Thulasi are given to Tamizh accidentally by the photo developer when Tamizh was asking his sister's developed photos. This was noticed by the goons of Velayudham and Velayudham mistakes that there is a connection between Tamizh and Thulasi and so do his sister when she sees Thulasi's photos in Tamizh's hands. By his sister's continuous insistence, Tamizh slowly starts to develop his feelings for Thulasi.The other side, Thulasi's friends Deepa and Kalyani are trying to stop the marriage and one day Deepa takes a brave move by revealing the corruption done by Velayudham in his office and getting him arrested thereby. On that Tamizh was there in front of Velayudham's office asking Deepa what is the matter going on in the office which was noticed by Velayudham. This further infuriates Velayudham as he thinks it is Thulasi's plan to get him arrested with help of her boyfriend(Tamizh) though Thulasi is totally unaware of all these things. At this time, Tamizh goes to Thulasi's parents to ask for Thulasi's hands but gets insulted. Eventually Velayudham comes out of jail with his influence and in the process of avenging Tamizh,they both confront and Tamizh comes to know about Velayudham trying to marry Thulasi and he vows to save her at any cost.
Tamizh is still hopeful that someday he will get Thulasi but when he heard Thulasi thanking Anand for saving her from a trouble, he mistakes her words and thinks that she loves Anand. Disheartened by this and to at least please his mom, he agrees to marry the girl, Charu (played by Sriividya) suggested by his mother and gets betrothed to her. To save Thulasi and to help her get married to Anand without really knowing anything about her wish firsthand from Thulasi, Tamizh kidnaps her in the last minute of her marriage with Velayudham which was when Thulasi that she doesn't love Anand and as Thulasi insists on going back to the mandap to save her friends and family from Velayudham's anger, she is taken back to mandap. This makes her father realise his mistake and he stops the marriage. But Velayudham doesn't listen and then Tamizh and his friends fight with Velayudham and his goons and takes Thulasi away and he also gets her a seat in an Engineering College as she wished. All these makes Thulasi to finally fall for Tamizh who is already betrothed to Charu.And after a series of struggles, both Tamizh and Thulasi end up married and Thulasi continues her studies but Charu who was in love with Tamizh becomes psycho-like and wants to take revenge and get Tamizh back. She tries to separate them by giving him many difficulties and manages to make Thulasi stand as the source of trouble in his eyes with help of Tamizh's mom and Tamizh's sister who joined Charu's side seeing her wealth. Though Thulasi finds out Charu's real intentions and tries to point this out to Tamizh, he never listens as he thinks she is just so possessive and is getting crazy. Tamizh even goes for divorce thinking Thulasi is very selfish and creates all troubles for him and his family. Finally at that last moment of signing the divorce papers Thulasi requests him to do only one thing for her, that is to tell Charu that he wants to marry her and that Thulasi is worthless to be his wife and when he does so in over happiness Charu reveals her true self and Tamizh understands Thulasi's side. This makes Charu try to suicide and she ends up in hospital in serious condition.
Now tamil realising his fault unites with tulasi.A new girl named Sruthi enters into the friendship life of Tulasi and Deepa.Sruthi one day by her car makes an accident with Kalyani's auto.She never made her compensation for the auto loss and said a false name instead of sruthi to Kalyani.Kalyani one day sees Sruthi at the college whilst waiting for Deepa. Kalyani tells Deepa about Sruthi and they all laugh at her. Deepa says Kalyani can spend a day at the college but Sruthi enraged blames Kalyani to have stolen something of hers. Mohan knows about this and hit Sruthi severely. Thulasi tries to talk with Sruthi and Bhuvana but instead Thulasi ends up hitting Bhuvana The principal expels Deepa. Thulasi later with help from Prabhaker explains what happened to the principal lets Deepa stay. Bhuvana angry that Thulasi hit her sends some people to break her head. They hurt her hand instead and she ends up with a cast. Also Bhvana finds out Thulasi is her child but has no feeling for her. Thulasi who knows this is angry with Bhuvana for she was the reason Thulasi and her Dad suffered. She and Sunthari Madam join up and after some convincing Sunthari gets to stay at her husbands' house.One day, some relations of Sunthari Madam/Laxman come.Sruthi talks rudely to them and they talk back.She angrily, leaves to a womens' home. Bhuvana hits Sunthari Madam's mum. Laxman gets angry and now there is no one to side with Bhuvana.One day Laxman who's angry hits Bhuvana too much and she faints and go hospital. The doctor says she has cancer and she rights a letter and runs away somewhere. Laxman reads it and learns of Thulasi's plan.

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