Sivashankari - Sun TV Devotional Serial - Full Episodes

Sivasankari/Sivashankari is an orphan girl who gets adopted by a kind hearted village head. She starts working in their house as a help and they send her to school for her benefit. Sivasankari/Sivashankari is a sweet little girl that everyone in the village adore. But there is something about Sivasankari/Sivashankari that people start to notice. Some people believe that she is the reincarnation of a goddess that the villagers have been worshipping for ages. They even come to consult her with their problems as they believe in her judgement. A few years later, she grows up to be a normal girl but things start to go awry when a sacred Temple ground is desecrated by some ruthless people trying buy it out. The story takes a drastic turn when Sivasankari/Sivashankari gets possessed by the spirit of the goddess herself. What happens next is something that needs to be watched.

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