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Maa' on Star Jalsha, entails a heart-wrenching story of a young girl's quest for her mother and her true identity. This gripping story focuses on the life and experiences of an optimistic and intelligent girl called Jhilik. Jhilik can be rightly regarded as destiny's child. Being brought up in a slum, Jhilik grows to be an expert pickpocket. However, being kind and good at heart, Jhilik often ends up spending her money in charity. When Jhilik was only 12 years of age, her mother Fulmoni dies. But before dying, Fulmoni reveals a secret that she is not Jhilik's real mother. Fulmoni goes on to give her an ornamented guinea and tells her that this will help her to search her real identity. 'Maa' traces this eventful journey of a little girl who is in search of her identity and who in turn will sacrifice everything in order to bring back a smile in the face of her loved ones.

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