Anamika - Sony TV Serial - Full Episodes

It is a foggy night. Jeet's car has broken down in Mohali, Punjab amidst forests. He is trying to repair it but he has no knowledge of mechanics as he is a boxer. In the silence he hears some cries of a woman. He follows the cries but is unable to find anything. After he returns he meets a mechanic who repairs his car and he leaves. But he does not know that his bracelet has slipped off his wrist in the forest. On the other hand Rano is biding goodbye to her mother, who is going on a pilgrimage with Rano's younger sister Guddi to Jammu. Jeet comes to pick up Rano and they leave for Jeet's house in Chandigarh. However Rano is unhappy to know that Jeet has lost his bracelet which she gifted him. Jeet tries to find it in the car but in vain. He also find the entrance gate to be open, on which the guard says that he had locked it. Next day when Jeet is washing his car he finds his bracelet in the car. It is later shown that Rano is madly in love with Jeet but is unable to confess it. However Jeet's grandmother and parents know about this. But Jeet and Rano agree to marry someoneelse. Meanwhile Jeet is seen running into a mysterious woman always surrounded with fog and certain odd occurrences like sprains getting healed parallel to his meetings with her. She later tells that her name is Anamika. She is shown to be very beautiful and lives in a large creepy bungalow in the forests of Mohali. Evene aftyer his meet all those who do wrong to him meet with very bad circumstances. She is shown to be an expert guitar player and loves Jeet a lot. Jeet is strangely attracted and starts falling for Anamika. Jeet and Rano later agree to marry after a lot of confusions and conflicts but soon later it is revealed that Anamika is a witch and now, she wants to take revenge on Rano as she snatched Jeet from her.

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