Cinema of Kerala

The Cinema of Kerala (also known as Malayalam cinema, the Malayalam film industry) is a part of Indian cinema, where motion pictures are produced in the Indian state of Kerala in the Malayalam language. Malayalam cinema is known for its realistic portrayal of relevant subjects in films with less commercial elements. Malayalam cinema has pioneered various technical, thematic and production techniques among films in India. The industry is the fourth largest film industry in India. It is also one of the largest producers of parallel cinema in India.
At first (beginning in the 1920s), the Malayalam film industry was based in Trivandrum. Although the film industry started to develop and flourish only by the late-1940s. Later, the industry shifted to Chennai (formerly Madras), which then was the capital of the South Indian film industry. In the 2000s, the Malayalam film industry returned and established itself in Kochi with a major chunk of locations, studios and production facilities.
Guru and Adaminte Makan Abu were the only Malayalam films to be sent by India as its official entry for the Best Foreign Language Film for the Academy Awards in 1997 and 2011 respectively. The first 3-D film produced in India, My Dear Kuttichathan (1984), was made in Malayalam.[1] The first CinemaScope film produced in South India was the Malayalam film Thacholi Ambu (1978).[2] The world's first film with just one actor in the star cast was the Malayalam film The Guard (2001).[3][4]
Film studios in Chennai are bound by legislation, such as the Cinematography Film Rules of 1948, the Cinematography Act of 1952, and the Copyright Act of 1957.