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The multi faceted VAMSY's Radha Madhu is a work of native beauty. It deals with the life style of the people of the Godavari Dists about thirty years ago and holds nostalgic memories for those who have forgotten their roots. The stories not only deal with the life of people but very subtly tell us about the political situations, the social responsibility of the Zamindars, the unpolluted and raw beauty of characters. The stories also have historical relevance as Sir Arthur Cotton"s engineering excellence is described in detail along the banks of the river Godavari.
Godavari becomes a powerful character in these stories and Vamsy's pen drifts on its boats, sails on its moonlit nights, and runs rough when new waters enter and the locks are opened. The names of characters are all the real names of people who are associated with these stories. Vamsy has immortalized KARRORI SUBBULU, MARNEDI SURRAVU, BIYYAM BHAGYAM, TAMARAPALLI SATYAM and several other characters who will live for ever in our memories. Even the native dishes cooked in those days are described in a mouthwatering way. He succeeds in reminding us of the SWAPNA THEATRE in Kakinada, the VOLGA HOTEL, the SUVEGA SCOOTER, the JAALI FACE POWDER, CYBAL BALM and several other locales and things used in those days.
Vamsy's stamp can be seen in the style of narration as a master in visual prose. The picturesque scenario, the green expanse, the blue sky and the rustic village belle are all seen through our mental eye and transports us to that time and place. His stories are all about the everyday characters like the car driver or the house wife or the bus conductor who make life so interesting and intriguing.

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