Sangharshana - Gemini TV Serial - Full Episodes

Sangharshana is the story of a beautiful girl who is conned by her husband Guru. It is soon revealed that the husband is a con man whose original name is Ganesh. Under another false name, he had already pretended to love another girl for her money and disappeared with her wealth. He does the same with Sangharshana and flees with lakhs of rupees that she mobilised for him to open an industry, without knowing that he is a con man. The police then arrest Sangharshana. A lawyer named Padmavathi takes up her case in court. The opposition's lawyer is known to fight for the wrong. Meanwhile Sangharshana's husbands' family is in distress. What will Sangharshana do? The war between justice and injustice is the thrilling story of Sangharshana.

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