Ranga Mathay Chiruni - ETV Serial - Full Episodes

Kaushik's mother informs Anshuman's mother that Ginee is not pregnant. Neel is asked by Nolok whether he can find her mother amongst the other stars in the sky. Bhutta gets furious on Nolok as she points out his mistake, and throws her away from the game. What will Bhutta do now? Stay tuned.....For as long back as she could remember, Nolok had waited for her father. He would come suddenly, spend a few hours with her, bring lovely presents for her and then disappear again till his next visit. Now at eight, a number of questions plagued Nolok. Why didn't her father live with her like the fathers of her friends? Her father seemed to be a rich man. Then why did her mother have to toil so hard? And why was her mother so bitter about Mr. Anshuman Lahiri, her father? Nolok was miserable longing for her father desperately and blaming her mother for the state of affairs...

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