Balika Vadhu - colors Serial - Full Episodes

The show is set in rural Rajasthan and portrays, among other prevailing social ills, the practice of child marriage. It features Anandi and Jagdish who were married to each other at a very tender age. However as Jagdish grows up he understand what true love is and eventualli falls in love with a girl named Gauri, with whom his relationship was fixed but he married Anandi instead.
he show shows the repercussions of child marriage - from loss of love, life, education, childhood, hopes, dreams, and heartbreak.Presently the story features there life after 5 years. It features the beautiful love story of Anandi and Shivraj Shekhar, who are brought close to each other with the help of Shivraj's friend, Ashima. The entire family puts the proposal of Anandi's marriage in front of Shivraj and in a dramatic turn of events, Shivraj agrees to wed Anandi but she refuses. However, Anandi agrees to the marriage since it was her mother's last wish to see Anandi marry Shivraj and there begins a new happy life. Shivraj's family too accept Anandi, despite knowing her past and they support him despite having initial apprehensions..

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