Kathayallithu Jeevitham- Amrita Reality Show - Full Episodes

Amrita TVís Kathayalla, Ithu Jeevitham is a TV courtroom in which real life disputes and genuine conflicts arising in a family frame work are put forward, mediated and settled to the satisfaction of all concerned, through a presentation that has the all drama of films while retaining the authenticity of real life.
This unconventional concept which has set new standards in social commitment is being telecast Monday - Friday 9.30 PM IST
Kathayalla, Ithu Jeevitham is a first of its kind Real-Life Real-Time Show which brings together, on a common platform, conflict-ridden individuals, families, siblings, relatives who have shattered their lives fighting court battles over issues which seem to be irreconcilable. It is a blunt and open discussion of every aspect of the conflict by the disputants and their families, under the mediating influence of the panel of experts and anchor .The expert council consists of famous advocates, eminent psychologists and dedicated social workers.
Kathayalla, Ithu Jeevitham brings under its preview all the problems that sows the seeds of strife in a family: marital disharmony, dowry harassments, divorce cases, fraud, treachery, cheating, ownership disputes, gender discrimination, workplace victimization, paternity suits, cruelty, the problems of old age.

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